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Our Logo

Why this guy in an unlikely contraption is on our web site.

We spent 5 years trying to decide on a logo for our services. Everything was just about right but never really right. We provide both 'realistic' and 'possible' sides to our business. New graphics, new design, new computers all are either here or in our near future. But many users will still not have all the new technologys, so we don't want to forget what we have learned and only look at the new. Many old processes are far better than the new and are being forgotten by technical people.

The helicopter man is a wire art gift from my daughter. We found that it was exactly how we feel about the services we provide. New ideas and new technologys incooporated into the old and the 'possible.'

What if he really could fly. Today it might be 'possible.' At Starck Associates, we won't forget that the past made our present and that it very well might be our future.

Chuck Starck

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