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We believe that web sites should serve all audiences. Many web designers believe that everyone has the latest of computers, the biggest most dynamic monitors and an Internet connection that will withstand any thing that can be thrown to the audience. This is not true! Browsers do not respond the same to all web sites and monitor sizes and user settings do not provide the optimum web viewing in over 60% of time. We still have over 80% of the audience with simple phone modems and their connections are not capable of extreme animations and large graphics.

The purpose of a site should be to expand our clients business, not to run the potential customer away as they wait 'minutes' for a site to load. Today's technology provides many unique features that can be added to a site but we are very careful deciding what to add and if it will be to the benefit of our clients. The audience will only give a site 15-20 seconds to see if you have what they want. We want you to give them what they want.

Everyone today can create a web site. We make them work right!

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